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UFP UTILITY FLEET PROFESSIONAL Features Fall 2014 www.utilityfleetprofessional.com Dedicated to Utility Fleet & Equipment Operations Professionals 4 Technician training can yield fleets a number of benefits, including greater shop productivity and improved staff morale. Train for Efficiency 18 22 28 34 Hawai‘i Electric Light is using telematics to enhance fleet efficiency and safety. Reducing Costs Spec’ing Digger Derricks for Maximum Productivity The right spec equips your crew to dig holes and set poles in less time. Spec’ing Digger Derricks Maximum Productivity for The Latest Developments in Crash Avoidance Systems Three technologies can help utility fleets reduce preventable accidents. 15 Tips for Improving Your Inventory Control There are a variety of practices that fleet managers can employ to cost-effectively maintain a healthy level of parts inventory. Departments 2 Editorial 8 Green Fleets 38 Product News

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