Utility Fleet Professional Early Summer 2014 : Cover1

UFP UTILITY FLEET PROFESSIONAL Features Early Summer 2014 www.utilityfleetprofessional.com Dedicated to Utility Fleet & Equipment Operations Professionals 4 Managing Warranty Recovery Part of every purchase you make pays for warranty, so it only makes sense to ensure you get what you’ve already paid for. 18 Shedding Weight of Utility Fleet Upfits to Boost Payload and Productivity The use of lightweight materials can enable trucks to haul more gear without requiring fleets to bump up to bigger, more expensive vehicles. 22 Worthwhile Investment Connecticut Light & Power Co.’s aerial rebuilding program is proving beneficial for the utility fleet. 28 Driving Fleet Value and Performance A comprehensive educational program is on the agenda at the 61st annual Electric Utility Fleet Managers Conference. 36 Fleet Telematics: Technology on the Move As new fleet management technology continues to advance at seemingly supersonic speeds, it is important that we understand how far it’s come, where it’s going and how best to use it. 40 Latest Developments in Self-Inflating Tires Two new technologies strive to improve fuel economy, extend tire life and enhance safety. Departments 2 Editorial 8 Green Fleets 46 Product News Shedding Weight of Utility Fleet Upfits

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