Utility Fleet Professional Spring 2014 : Cover1

UFP UTILITY FLEET PROFESSIONAL Features Spring 2014 www.utilityfleetprofessional.com Dedicated to Utility Fleet & Equipment Operations Professionals 4 Cooling System Maintenance Considerations for Fleet Managers When you keep cooling systems in good shape, you can minimize many engine problems. 18 Road Map DC Water – Department of Fleet Management is using information systems to reduce service turnaround time and downtime, as well as improve technician productivity. Spec’ing Medium-Duty Chassis for Utility Applications 22 Spec’ing Medium-Duty Chassis for Utility Applications Follow these four principles to reduce the risk of costly mistakes. 28 Struggles and Strategies Spare fleet vehicles have many hidden expenses if left idle, but adding them to a central motor pool has multiple benefits. 32 Helping Fleets Shine Fleet management company Automotive Resources International partners with fleets in an effort to streamline operations and lower each fleet’s total cost of ownership. Departments 2 Editorial 6 Green Fleets 38 Product News

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