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UFP UTILITY FLEET PROFESSIONAL Features Late Summer 2013 www.utilityfleetprofessional.com Dedicated to Utility Fleet & Equipment Operations Professionals 4 Changing Brakes Without proper care, replacing friction material on pads and linings can result in undesirable braking system changes. 18 Valuable Insight At Indianapolis Power & Light Co., management processes and information technology are helping staff better manage assets and shop operations. 24 Gas vs. Diesel in Utility Fleet Applications — Which is Better? Measuring Your Fleet Operation Indianapolis Power & Light Shares Valuable Insight Industry experts offer guidelines for selecting the best engine for the job. 30 An audit of your fl eet using activity-based costing will help identify what your company is doing well, what can be improved and the proper corrective actions to boost your bottom line. 34 Up and Running During emergency situations, the Goodyear Storm Priority service offers a hassle-free way to repair or replace damaged tires in order to put utility trucks back on the road. Departments 2 Editorial 8 Green Fleets 38 Product News

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